Franziska Droll


Franziska demonstrated a capacity to make the audience laugh, with lovely use of facial expressions and physical comedy, but also an ability to take us to a sorrowful place in the telling of Loch Lomond. She possesses that magic blend of interpersonal and storytelling skills, which ensure listening to her will always be a pleasure!

Franziska is interactive, fun and full of surprises!

I first experienced Franziska’s storytelling skills when I joined her on a day tour when we both worked with Rabbie’s Tours. Her welcoming smile and enthusiasm shone through from the moment we first met her. Once the tour commenced she delivered fantastic tales of history and folklore with a sense of pride and excitement. She engaged with the passengers on the tour and encouraged their feedback, participation and questions whilst telling the stories without losing her stride or the thread of the story.

I have often requested Franziska to lead our mini bus tours for some of our most valued clients as I fully trusted in her ability and that said clients would have a fantastic and memorable experience. I was never disappointed! With her warm, infectious and enthusiastic manner she ensured that everyone left her tours feeling they had fun and learned something along the way. 

A pure joy and a feast for the senses

Ms. Droll had a wide repertoire of stories and songs and always the right thing for the group of children, who were partly age-homogeneous or age-heterogeneous. Even children with disabilities addressed Ms. Droll with empathy, facial expressions, gestures and the work of her narrative technique and voice holding everyone’s attention.

Franziska has a very natural talent of caring for people and actually meeting the audience while she is telling stories. She has ability to interpret stories in a very unexpected and comic way, her voice is bright, she is skilful to create different characters, and her body language is expressive and vivid. Her eyes shine with eagerness to meet audience and tell the story for each and everyone who is listening.

With her appealing personality and her attractive story basket, she immediately captivated the children. The attractive interior design, which she created, and the story basket had a positive influence on the atmosphere. The different senses were addressed, for example tea to smell or candy to taste.

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