Franziska Droll

Children Storytelling

I love telling stories for children of all ages.

Children tent to be very enthusiastic and like to join in when being told a story. I like to encourage this with repetition of catchphrases, lyrics, action, music and song.

I also use various sensory items, for example lights, bubbles, singing birds and spices to smell, to enhance the tales.

You can find me telling stories for nurseries, early learners and schools. Here I try to keep things fresh, fun, entertaining and educational.

But you can also see me tell on birthday parties, festivals, private households and many more.

Get in touch for more information – I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

Pssst…I also have a wee project called “Fairytales & Music”. Here I teamed up with a fabulous musician and together we create themed birthday parties for children age 3-6years old. See the link for more information

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